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Katherine Kovacic

Katherine Kovacic was a veterinarian but preferred training and having fun with dogs to taking their temperatures. She seized the chance to return to study and earned an MA, followed by a PhD in Art History. Katherine spends her spare time writing, dancing and teaching other people’s dogs to ride skateboards.

A research geek, Katherine is currently fired up by the history of human relationships with animals, particularly as they appear in art. In 2012 she was long-listed for the Voiceless Writing Prize and she continues to contribute to academic publications.

Katherine’s first novel, The Portrait of Molly Dean is inspired by the true story of a sensational murder. It is set partly in the bohemian art world of 1930s Melbourne and was published by Echo, an imprint of Bonnier Publishing Australia in March 2018. (Rights available: Film & Television).

Katherine lives in suburban Melbourne with Leonardo the Borzoi, Oberon the Scottish Deerhound and a legion of dog-fur dust bunnies.

Katherine’s new novel Painting in the Shadows: an Alex Clayton Art Mystery (Echo Publishing) is now available.

When a gallery becomes a dangerous place, art dealer Alex Clayton must find the hidden meaning.

Alex and her friend, conservator John Porter are thrilled to be previewing the Melbourne International Museum of Art’s newest exhibition, until they witness a museum worker collapse and badly damage a painting believed to be cursed.

Belief in the curse is strengthened when MIMA’s senior conservator Meredith Buchanan dies less than twenty-four hours later while repairing the work.

Alex and John follow the trail of a mysterious painting that could hold the key to Meredith’s death and the stakes are raised when Alex is offered her dream job at MIMA. Damaging the museum’s reputation will jeopardise her professional future.

The friends soon realise they are facing an adversary far more ruthless than they had anticipated and there is much more at risk than Alex’s career.

“A captivating story of murder, intrigue and a mysterious painting” – Emma Viskic.