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Dr Julian Pepperell

Dr Julian Pepperell is probably Australia’s best-known marine biologist, especially in the worldof recreational fishing. He is the author of numerous popular and scientific articles on marine fishes and writes popular columns in national fishing magazines. He has made many radio and television appearances including in his own segment on Escape with ET among many others.

Julian Pepperell’s magnum opus is entitled Fishes of the Open Ocean: A Natural History & Illustrated Guide (UNSW Press, 2009). It is the result of ten years’ work and provides detailed information on all major oceanic fishes – the billfishes, tunas and pelagic sharks and rays as well as insights into many lesser known ones, including flying fish, giant sunfish, fang-toothed lancetfish and the enigmatic oarfish.

Global distribution maps, striking illustrations from renowned artist Guy Harvey and stunning images from the world’s leading underwater photographers allow for ready species identification. Divers, anglers, mariners, students and anyone with an interest in the ocean and its diversity of life will find this book an essential reference.

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