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Anthony Ranieri

Anthony-RanieriAnthony Ranieri has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources and has worked in a variety of senior management positions in human resources. He is based in Melbourne.

The first edition of his book How to Find a Job in 6 Weeks was published in 2003 by Tandem Press in Australia and New Zealand.

How to Find a Job in 6 Weeks (2nd edition) is the revised version of this successful book. The six-week job search is a unique method developed by the author that uses proven job search skills quickly and efficiently. Written in a clear and jargon-free style it is structured in a way that allows the reader to move through each chapter or topic at their own pace. It includes checklists and tables with Australian statistics and information as well as scenarios for role-playing or rehearsing the interview process. The author emphasises the practical aspects of job hunting in the modern world where 75% of jobs are not advertised.

Five easy-to-digest chapters coach the reader on: How to develop and apply job search skills quickly, simply and effectively; How to write ‘killer’ application letters and CVs that get noticed; How to use a proven strategy to master your responses to an interview technique used by most employers today; How to turn your life around and even prosper from the experience of redundancy.

How to Find a Job in 6 Weeks also provides techniques for managing your current job, work performance appraisals and for career management and development.

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